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How does the dental implant process work?

If you are considering dental implants, the first step is an evaluation with Dr. Um at our Foothill Ranch dental office. The most important consideration is that there be enough healthy bone in which to place the implant.

In some cases, an implant can be placed immediately after a tooth is extracted; however, for some patients, we may need to take steps to “rebuild” jawbone to provide a solid base for the implant.

Dr. Um uses modern 3-D imaging technology to determine the proper placement of your implant for optimal results. Knowing exactly where to place the implant results in an efficient procedure, less invasive treatment with minimal discomfort, and faster recovery times.

Healing typically takes several months but the exact time is different for each patient, depending on the hardness of the bone. After healing, the restoration (the visible portion of the implant) is placed so you can eat comfortably and smile with confidence.

If you would like to learn more about the dental implant process at Lake Forest Oral Surgery, please call our office at (949) 203-3177. We will be happy to arrange a consultation with Dr. Um to review your needs and see if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

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