All-On-4 Dentures

Are you considering dentures but holding off because of the stories you have heard about the struggles people have with stability and comfort? 

These are common complaints that, unfortunately, prevent many people from following through with denture therapy. Just a few years ago, your only option for holding removable dentures in place was adhesives, which never really worked that well.

Comfortable All-On-Four Dentures

At Lake Forest Oral Surgery, we can offer you a better way. As the name implies, All-on-Four dentures use four dental implants to support your upper or lower dentures. Today, we create All-on-Four dentures paired with state-of-the-art dental implants for the ultimate in stability and comfort. 

As your oral surgeon in Foothill Ranch, Dr. Suzin Um works in tandem with your dentist or prosthodontist to place implant-supported dentures that are far more comfortable and natural-looking than you ever thought possible.

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon for Implant Placement?

While many family or general dentists have taken additional courses in dental implantology, Dr. Um has received training in this procedure during a four-year surgical hospital residency. Because of her advanced training and understanding of surgical procedures, she can also address any issues that may arise.

Another reason to consider an oral surgeon is access to anesthesia. Dr. Um is board certified by the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology and can make recommendations based on your medical needs and comfort level. At Lake Forest Oral Surgery, we offer nitrous oxide, in-office IV sedation, and hospital-based general anesthesia.

Planning Implant Placement

Once you and your dentist have decided that implant-supported dentures are a good step for you, Dr. Um will step in and plan the placement of your implants.

The first step is to determine if you have enough quality bone in the areas where the implants will be placed. Using cutting-edge digital imaging technology like 3-D cone beam scanning, Dr. Um can check the condition of the bone in your jaw.

If she finds that there is not enough bone present for successful implant placement, she will recommend grafting to augment the bone in your jaw. Or, she may determine that an implant will interfere with your sinuses which requires a procedure called a sinus lift.

The Final Result

Throughout the implant process, Dr. Um will coordinate denture placement with your dentist or prosthodontist. The final result is a natural-looking upper or lower denture that is held securely in place with dental implants. 

You can enjoy the esthetic benefits of dentures without the worry of the discomfort of shifting dentures or the embarrassment of dentures that fall out when you laugh or sneeze.

Trust Advanced Training and Expertise

If you and your dentist has referred you for All-on-4 dentures, please call Lake Forest Oral Surgery. Dr. Um and her team look forward to working with you to ensure the highest quality, predictable results.