Dental Trauma

We want our children to lead active, happy lives. Unfortunately, though, accidents can occur, and dental trauma in children is quite common. Dental trauma can range from a chip in the tooth to avulsion where the tooth is knocked out of the bone. This is commonly seen in bicycle accidents, contact sports like basketball and baseball and even from a fall in the playground.

Dr. Suzin Um and the team at Lake Forest Oral Surgery understand that these events can be frightening for adults and children. Our goal is to diagnose the injury and plan treatment that allows us to restore your comfort and save the permanent tooth for the most favorable long-term outcomes.

Types of Dental Trauma

Traumatic dental injuries are known as TDI's. These are:

  • Avulsion: The tooth is completely knocked out of its socket.
  • Subluxation: Supporting structures have been damaged, resulting in a loose tooth.
  • Lateral luxation: The tooth is displaced from its normal position.
  • Intrusion: The tooth has been pushed up into the bone
  • Extrusion: The tooth is pushed out of the bone
  • Tooth fractures

Treatment for Dental Trauma

Any dental trauma needs attention as soon as possible. In all cases, prompt treatment results in the best possible outcomes.

  • Avulsion – A knocked out tooth is the most critical of TDIs. Your teeth are connected to the bone in your jaw by periodontal ligaments that can survive for about two hours after the tooth's knocked out, so time is of the essence. Call our office immediately if you have a tooth knocked out and keep the tooth moist in saliva, milk, or water until you can get to our office. A knocked out tooth is a dental emergency and needs to be treated in a timely fashion.
  • Subluxation – Dr. Um will reposition the tooth, and a flexible splint will be placed to stabilize it. Dr. Um will recommend a soft diet during this time and will continue to monitor the pulp of the tooth after it has stabilized.
  • Lateral luxation – The tooth will be repositioned, and Dr. Um will place a flexible splint. We will continue to monitor the tooth, and a root canal may be recommended.
  • Intrusion – Treatment may involve allowing the tooth to erupt spontaneously, orthodontic repositioning, or surgical repositioning for severe intrusions. A root canal will be performed to prevent resorption of bone.
  • Avulsion – Dr. Um will reposition the tooth and splint it, and a subsequent root canal is recommended.

Expert, Skilled Care

If you or your child have experienced trauma because of a sports injury or auto accident, you need to know that your care is in the hands of a professional who can deliver the best possible long-term results. Dr. Suzin Um is a board-certified oral surgeon with extensive clinical experience in dealing with dental trauma and will find the treatment solution to restore your smile and let you get back in the game!